Monday, August 19, 2013

Trying to Make Money On-Line

It's been a little over a year since I posted my last "weekly" blog.  I started my website a few years ago with the intent to try to make a little money with Google Adsense.  Last June I was at $29.88 total since the beginning.  Now I am up to $73.13.  Still no retirement in sight.  I have added a few new Las Vegas employment links to my job pages.  To find a casino job, I have the page Las Vegas Casino Jobs. To find a computer, IT or technical job, go to Las Vegas Technology Jobs. To find a retail or sales job, you can go to the page Las Vegas Retail Jobs

Over the last few weeks, I have been researching ways to get my website more visibility.  One of the techniques was to use some type of social media marketing.  I came across this method using YouTube.  The idea is to do a search on videos for your niche and then find a video which has a fair amount of views and has no links below the video.  Then contact the owner of the video and ask them if they will put your website link below the video.  They may say yes, but for a fee.  If the video is popular enough, then the fee may be worth it.  So far I have not seen a video for my niche that fits these criteria.

Another method uses Twitter.  Find some popular hashtags that are trending for your niche and tweet your website link listing some of the hashtags you find.  I tried this with a few tweets and have added one new follower so far and have not really noticed more hits to my web pages.  My hope is that my followers will retweet my tweets and that I will pick up many new followers over time.  Fingers crossed!

I also plan to share this blog on Facebook and Twitter and hope that it gets shared and retweeted by my followers.  Hopefully there is some activity that will be worth reporting soon and my next blog may not be next year.  Thanks for reading and if anybody has any other bright ideas, please send me comments.

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