Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's been going on for the last year and a half?

Well, I think I have procrastinated enough! My first and only other blog post was back in July of 2009 and I guess I should follow up on my "progress" since then. I did go through most of the course work on and created a crude website at The website is basically devoted to resources in Las Vegas, such as casino job links and links to Greek and Filipino things, since I am Greek and my wife is from the Philippines. My grand plan was to fill up different web pages with specific content and use Google Adsense to get targeted ads on each page. It took a couple of months, but Google finally approved me and I did get ads on each page. So far I have made a grand total of $10.50. I can see retirement is right around the corner. I did submit my website to several different search engines and did attempt to insert relevant keywords into the meta tags.

I just brought up my site and all the ads on each page are public service announcements. This must be new, because not too long ago, there were normal ads on each page. How do I fix this?

I am most proud of the list of casino job links I put together, but I am nowhere to be found in the search engines if you search on "las vegas jobs" or "las vegas casino jobs".

If you search Yahoo! for "las vegas baseball cards", I am actually number five on the first page, and on Google I am at the bottom of the second page. The search for "baseball cards in las vegas" is on the third Google page.

But mostly I have used the site to store the pictures of baseball cards for my eBay auctions, which I ran regularly up to April of 2010.

So, how is my progress towards finding a job back in the computer field? Not so good! For a few weeks back in April and May, I did some consulting for a hopeful on-line poker site, but they ran out of money and offered me a stock deal. I had to turn that down because I like to eat and stock that may or may not be worth something in three years, doesn't pay the bills now. It's a real shame because I think I was a real good fit with what they were trying to do. As a poker dealer and player and a former C++ programmer, I believe I had all the tools to help make their site what they envisioned.

My website is currently on hold, since I have dealt poker at several different tournaments around the country over the last year. Traveling for two to three weeks at a time was a big sacrifice for me being away from my wife. Unlike some husbands, I actually like being with my wife and miss her terribly when I am away. But the money was good and necessary to help cover the bills my wife's salary did not. It does seem that my traveling will be significantly less this year, since the group I was working with no longer needs my services, despite the effort and sacrifices I put forth. But that is another story and this probably isn't the right forum to vent.

Now, what about getting work as a web developer? I thought I would first try to help some friends get started with some sort of web site, but after a few expressed interest, nothing ever came of that, even after some pestering from me. I was hoping to put together some sort of portfolio, so that I could then try to apply to web developer ads. I have applied to a few anyways, but to no avail. For now, my game plan is to just play around with my website some more and add a few bells and whistles and hope to get someone's attention.

But now I need to figure out why Google is only giving me public service ads...