Friday, September 6, 2013

My Progress on Making Money Online

I started my website initially to use as practice developing web pages and to have a convenient place to go to for Las Vegas employment links. I thought that after this process, I might return to the computer industry as a web developer.  After 25 years employed as a computer programmer, I decided I would like to work for myself.  To this end, I first created my simple website, then enrolled in Google AdSense in an effort to make some income.  To generate traffic I have created a Facebook page, VegasHerecom, a squeeze page, and a Twitter account, @ndgreek.  I am using the Facebook page to simply promote the VegasHere website, but am a few "likes" short of the 30 needed for Facebook promotion.  The squeeze page is an attempt to generate a targeted mailing list for a future newsletter I will create about the Las Vegas job market.  I am using the Twitter account to inform my followers and followers of relevant hashtags about various jobs available in the Las Vegas area and also to promote the links to my VegasHere job web pages.

I believe I have created some handy lists of links to the employment websites of Las Vegas casinos, technology and IT companies and retail stores.  More categories are coming.  Eventually I would like to jazz it up a bit, but keep the user-friendly interface.  As always, I welcome any suggestions or comments.  Thanks again for reading.