Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making Money on the Internet

Another year and a half has passed since my last post.  I'm getting good at this procrastination thing.  I have still had no success at landing any kind of full time computer job.  Hopefully that will change soon after I finish my poker dealing stint at the 2012 World Series of Poker.  Before the series started I received a call from a computer headhunting company and they offered me free on-line training courses to help get me back up to speed where I was eight years ago.  When I am done with the courses I will take some sort of test and they will try to get me back into the work force.  I would still preferably like to learn web development and eventually make money doing web sites.

The web site I started three years ago,, is really thriving.  So far, with the help of Google AdSense, I have made a whopping total of $29.88!  Getting so much closer to that retirement I have been dreaming of.  I have had 1,886 hits to the front page, most of which I am sure are from me.  I do believe I have a couple of useful pages Las Vegas Casino Jobs and Las Vegas Computer Jobs

Anyways, when I first started playing around on the internet back in the mid 90's, I've always been keeping my eye out for that "get rich quick" scheme.  I signed up for a bunch of things, including mystery shopping, chain letters and other pyramid or multi-level marketing programs.  Not counting what I spent, I think I made about $50.00.  So I kept my day job.  A few years ago, my wife saw something recommended by Oprah, so that was the stamp of approval for me to be sucked into another scam.  Before I spent anything, I did some research and found it was just a way of using Google AdSense, but I had to spend $99 a month for something I could do for free.  That's when I started my web site, but it hasn't been profitable yet.

For some reason, I get this magazine in the mail, Home Business Connection.  I looked at all the ads in the magazine with a web address and bookmarked them all.  My plan is to research them all and sort out which ones are the scams.  The first one I will talk about in this blog is titled "Almost a Secret", which is the Empower Network.  I went to the web site and watched a video slide show which went on forever.  The speaker was David Wood, who claims a few years ago was living out of a van after years of trying out internet businesses.  Eventually he learned enough, with his partner David Sharpe, to come up with this idea to use blogging.  All you have to do is pay a monthly fee and they do everything for you except write your blog.  I guess you make money by selling this system and getting 100% commissions.  So I googled "Empower Network Scam" to see if this is for real.  It seems a lot of supporters for this scheme have placed themselves at the top of the search engine.  For now it appears that this may work for some people and may require a bit of effort to realize the incomes of the testimonials offered.  Will I try this out?  I probably need a favorable review from Oprah to get the approval in my household.  I may regret not signing up and redirecting you few guys who read this to the system.  Please stay tuned for my next post where I will review a few other schemes.  And please visit my web site for a comprehensive list of links to casino and technology company employment web sites in Las Vegas.