Thursday, August 29, 2013

Still Trying to Make Money On-Line

Last week I discussed some of my strategies to get more traffic to my website.  One of them was to get more Twitter followers by tweeting my website address using relevant hashtags.  So far, in ten days, I have gone from about 20 followers to 78.  I have only tweeted a few times a day, since I don't want to bombard my followers with self-promoting tweets.  I have sprinkled in a few tweets with some useful information, because I don't want people to un-follow me if they get irritated.

I get a lot of spam about other people's ideas on their get rich quick schemes.  One such scheme involved setting up Facebook ads and only being charged one cent per click.  They wanted $47.00 for that information.  I did some quick research just using Google and found out how to do the same thing for free.  It doesn't seem to be as easy as they spell out in the pay version.  One of the first steps is to create a landing page or squeeze page, where you force someone to enter an email address in order to get to your website.  I found a web page that will create your squeeze page for free and they will also host it for free.  My Squeeze Page asks you to enter your email address and then when you push the button to enter my website, your email address is sent to an email address of my choice and you are then directed to my website.  At some point I will use the email addresses for some sort of newsletter or to notify people of updates to my website.  In the $47.00 scheme, they have you going to ClickBank to find affiliate links to promote.  Since my website has to do with finding jobs in Las Vegas, I can promote any of their Employment/Jobs affiliates,  For example, for Amazing Cover Letters, click here.  For a Guide To Getting A Teaching Job, click here.  For the Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers, click here.  For The Secret To Getting Hired, click here.  For Amazing Resumes, click here.  Hopefully the idea is that a highly targeted audience will be visiting my website and those that click on these affiliate links will have a high conversion rate and earn me a commission for each sale.  If I can figure out how to put all these ideas into my website I may have some positive news to report in my next blog.

As always I encourage any comments or suggestions.  Thanks again for reading!

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